Maryland Learner's Permit

Wondering what the next step is after completing your Drivers Ed course? All you have to do is follow a few easy steps to apply for your Maryland learner’s permit. You must:

Obtaining a Maryland Learner’s Permit

Depending upon your situation you may need various documents in order to obtain your Maryland learner's permit. Get your Easy Guide™ for a complete checklist of everything you need.

Required Documents:

  • Certified statement from a parent signed in front of an MVA representative
  • Life insurance card
  • Credit card statement
  • Telephone or utility bill
  • Birth certificate or certified copy
  • Social Security card
  • Valid U.S. passport or out-of-country passport
  • ID Card
  • Utility or telephone bill
  • Checking or savings account statement

Under 16

  • Complete Learner's Permit School Attendance Certification form which must be given to the MVA in a sealed un-opened envelope provided by the applicant's school or county
  • Tale a vision test
  • Parent or guardian must sign the application form

Over 18

  • Type I Learner's Permit - Persons who have never held a drivers license, regardless of age, are required to first obtain a Type I Learner's Permit. This learner's permit is issued as part of the MVA's Rookie Driver program.
  • Have completed a Maryland MVA approved standardized driver education program consisting of at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and at least 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction training


  • Pay $50 

For More information

Contact - Your local MVA at: 410-768-7000
TTY for the hearing impaired: 1-800-492-4575

Or download your Maryland Learners Permit Easy Guide and complete checklist.

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