Tickets & Violations

Following the rules of the road is the most important part of driving. In the state of Maryland, you must follow all national and state driving laws. When you commit a violation, you may be issued a ticket, which can carry a hefty fine. However, you may be able to reduce a ticket or have a violation expunged from your record. Read more about each service below:

Parking Tickets

Ever come back from a night out and find a parking ticket slipped under your windshield wiper? Don't let a parking ticket take a bite out of your wallet. Read more about parking tickets in the state of Maryland before you pull out your checkbook.

Speeding Tickets

We've all made the mistake of speeding at some point. And depending on how fast you go, the cost of a speeding ticket can grow exponentially. Read more about speeding tickets in the state of Maryland by clicking here.

DUI Violations

There may not be a more serious driving violation than DUI. It's costly not only from a financial perspective but also from a safety one. Should you get arrested for a DUI violation, click here for an attorney to represent your case.

Ticket Attorneys

Just because you get a ticket doesn't mean it's the end of the world. A ticket attorney may be able to prevent points being assessed on your license. Read more about ticket attorneys in the state of Maryland.

DUI Attorneys

A DUI is an extremely serious offense that carries even more serious consequences. Your license will be suspended and you may have to pay huge fines. You may be able to lessen the charges by hiring a reputable DUI attorney. Read more about Maryland DUI attorneys to get started.

SR-22 Insurance

SR-22 insurance is reserved only for people who are very high-risk drivers. This type of insurance can be pricey. Click here to read more about SR-22 insurance in the state of Maryland.