Traffic and Safety Laws

Driving is a privilege, so following traffic and safety laws is imperative for not only drivers but also pedestrians. While there are national traffic and safety laws every driver must follow, you must also be aware of local laws. This can include traffic signs, too. Read more about each section below:

Traffic Signs

Everyone is familiar with a stop sign, but there are hundreds of other types of traffic signs that must be obeyed. Read more about traffic signs in Maryland so you'll recognize them the next time your driving in the state.

Traffic Laws

There are literally thousands of traffic laws in the United States. And while there are national ones that we must all follow, there are also state and local laws, too. Familiarize yourself with traffic laws in Maryland by clicking here.

Cell Phone Laws

When it comes to cell phones and driving, it's a dangerous mix. Many accidents are caused by distracted driving, which often involves texting while driving. Read more about cell phone laws in the state of Maryland.